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We at ArteOliva believe that healthy and organic food does not compromise the pleasure of a tasty meal.

We have the best technology and the highest quality ingredients to offer our clients sauces, gazpacho and organic tomato juices, produced and packaged in accordance with the highest quality standards and with the Andalusian Organic Farming Committee guarantee.

Our Organic Tomato Juice is not produced from concentrate, nor does it contain fats or salt. It is completely healthy and is produced with fresh, organic tomatoes carefully selected and crushed at below 10 ºC. The juice undergoes a gentle heat treatment and is packaged in less than 60 minutes from when it was made thus preserving its taste, colour and texture.

Technological innovation makes the production of “Bio ArteOliva” Gazpacho easier. ArteOliva has technology that allows us to offer the consumer a high quality, organic gazpacho, impossible to distinguish between home-made gazpachos and with a 6 month shelf life, whilst other manufacturers offer gazpacho that has undergone aggressive heat treatment that badly effects the quality, or they make a refrigerated product preserved in non-aseptic packaging with only a 45/65 day expiry date. This allows us to export our products to all those foreign consumers that enjoy traditional gazpacho when they visit Andalusia. Tetra prisma packaging with a screw cap and a 1L or 500ml capacity are on offer.

ArteOliva aspires to provide a range of organic sauces in line with its commitment to offering the consumer healthy food, free of artificial colours, conservatives and flavour enhancers, produced in accordance with strict organic food production guidelines. In addition, we also contribute to sustainable development and the protection of the environment. It acts as a helping hand to agriculturists and livestock farmers who produce organic products. It is about encouraging them so they continue to increase organic crops, and clearly showing them that with time there will be further possibilities of marketing the goods that they produce.

Mayonnaise, Ali-Oli and Organic Tomato Sauce are on offer under the “Bio ArteOliva” range in 125 ml Tetra-Brik packaging, sold in packs containing three units.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil ARTEOLIVA

We at ArteOliva believe that an organic product should be organic right down to the last detail, therefore, the packaging should have the least possible impact on the environment. Tetra Brik and Tetra Prisma packaging are ideal for storing organic oil as, in addition to protecting the product from light and air, they are also environmentally friendly given that they have a low CO2 footprint. With Tetra Prisma packaging we offer a real “green alternative” to glass, tinplate and PET, traditionally used to package organic extra virgin olive oil.

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Mayonnaise 125 ml x 3 Buy
Alioli 125 ml x 3 Buy
Gazpacho 1 L Buy
Tomato Juice 1 L Buy
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml Buy

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