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Organic Sauces

Organic sauces
ArteOliva aspires to provide a range of organic sauces in line with its commitment to offering the consumer healthy food, free of artificial colours and conservatives, produced in accordance with strict organic food production guidelines.

Organic Gazpacho

Organic Gazpacho
ArteOliva has recovered the traditional recipe for ANDALUSIAN GAZPACHO and uses the following organically farmed products: Tomatoes, an abundance of extra virgin olive oil, peppers, bread, cucumber, garlic, water and salt.

Arteoliva Olives

Our range of stuffed olives on offer meet the requirements of increasingly demanding consumers who request different products.

Arteoliva Sauces

Our range of ArteOliva sauces are made with the highest quality ingredients and consist of the identical organoleptic characteristics (smell, taste, texture) to those of home-made sauces.

Tumaca Arteoliva

This consists of freshly grated tomato with ArteOliva's extra virgin oil. It is ideal for enjoying at breakfast time with toasted bread and extra virgin olive oil or with any other meal.


Salsas para hostelería

¡Descubre nuestras nuevas recetas!

Salsas Horeca ArteOliva considera que el canal de restauración y hostelería demanda nuevos productos que permitan a los profesionales de la cocina multiplicar la variedad de su oferta con platos, sanos, sabrosos, fáciles de preparar y con una inversión muy aquilitada.

BLOG of cultural healthy cuisine


Olive oil and ageing

According to International US Census Bureau estimates, in 2040 the Spanish population pyramid will be completely inverted with a higher percentage of habitants around the age of 65 years old...

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The "rebirth" of gazpacho

Virgil wrote in his second Eclogue that Testilis prepared the following recipe for weary harvesters on their return from the Bética province: Allia, serpyllumque et herbas contundit olentes (garlic, wild thyme and other aromatic herbs). The Mantuan poet probably spoke of an earlier kind of gazpacho in Roman times...

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Introduction to virgin olive oil tasting

For a long time, the acidity of olive oil acted as an indicator for evaluating its commercial quality. We were often faced with an illogical combination of olive oils that were low in acidity but with a foul smell that could be qualified as...

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Influence of packaging on extra virgin olive oil preservation

To get the best out of our olive oil we need to take into account scientific evidence demonstrating the negative effects that some plastic or glass packaging has on the preservation of its nutritional properties...

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